A Loss Like No Other

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“A Loss Like No Other” is a description of suicide
and it truly is. Over 40 years after the death of her
father, former model Paulette Renaudin explains how
death inevitably touches our lives and many people
grieve in different ways.  She openly talks about how
others had lost a loved one through suicide and were
unable to offer their support and simply avoided the
situation.  Paulette relates a most touching personal
story of the remembrance of her father’s prized
rosary, thought to have been lost for over 20 years
and its miraculous recovery brings her fond memories
and everlasting peace.  Paulette’s personal testimony
on how she maintained her faith, and what a person
can do when he or she loses a loved one brings
soothing hope to all.  Paulette Renaudin tells her
story of A Loss Like No Other, that’s our Focus!