As You Die Know that You Live Forever

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P.M.H. Atwater is a Near Death Survivor. Three times she has experienced the Near Death phenomenon. Although not in hospital setting when these episodes occurred, medical opinion says she did die and that is her belief as well.

She began her work in 1978 after meeting renowned Near death researcher, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and finding out from her what the near death phenomenon is. As of the year 2000, Dr. Atwater has held sessions with over 3,000 adult experiences and 277 child experiences of near death states. After studying them, Dr. Atwater then compared the results with other N.D.E. cases throughout the county. Her research has been documented in five separate books: Coming back to Life, Beyond the Light, Future Memory, Children of the New Millennium, and We Live Forever.

You are about to embark on an engaging, graceful, and comforting encounter with death. This ground breaking presentation is uncompromisingly candid as it probes our intellectual and spiritual cutiosity about dying. Based on unparalleled research, this beautiful journey begins as one lays hovering between life and death, then convincingly leads one far from fear and despair to peace and unconquerable hope, knowing that as we die... we live forever!