BEHOLD the Lamb of God by Kathleen Beckman

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Most Reverend Aux. Bishop Dominic Luong, D.D. , M.S.
In her new book Kathleen presents the Church's liturgical seasons as the background to Eucharistic intercession. Each reflection is solidly grounded in Scripture and the Catechism making this book timeless and invaluable. Highly recommended! 


Fr. Kevin J. Scallon, C.M. Director of Intercession for Priests
In her book, Kathleen leads us to the places where Jesus can be found, namely in the many facets of Eucharistic spirituality and mysticism. The book is a treasure trove of inspired meditations, which will enrich the lives of all who read it. 


Fr. Robert Young, O.F.M., Director, Magnificat Tallahassee
In Kathleen's profound love for the Holy Eucharist, she reveals an equally profound love for the Priesthood of Jesus, which is manifest in her ministry to ordained priests across the country and the world.