Biblical Defense of The Catholic Church

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Catholics and Protestants share many common beliefs. However, there are important issues over which there is a continuing debate.  Fundamental to the debates between Catholics and Protestants, is the principle of Sola Scriptura.  Sola scriptura is Latin for "by the Bible alone." It is an affirmation that the only source of knowledge regarding divine revelation is the Bible, and that there is no church authority established by Christ to correctly interpret it.
   Sacred Tradition is divine revelation orally transmitted by Christ to the Apostles, from the Apostles and their successors , and faithfully handed on to the Church. The elements of the doctrine of Papal Infallibility are …. First, Jesus established Peter as head of the apostles and empowered him with his authority in deciding matters of faith and morals. Secondly, Jesus intended that this office and authority be passed on to Peter's successors.  
   In this Focus interview,with biblical scholar, Jim Seghers we’ll examine the meaning of Sacred Scripture,Sacred Tradition and Papal Infallibility. .