Channeling God's Grace

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Yahweh told Israel through the prophet Hosea, "The more I called, the farther they went." Sometimes even strong Catholics fall away and live double life styles. But faithful Catholic Christian believers are experiencing graces and spiritual growth at a speed once believed that only the "saints" were given. Still others have a "Que sera... sera" attitude - "What will be, will be". Of such souls, Jesus says in the book of Revelation 3:16, " but since you are neither hot nor cold, but only lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth." Stong words! What group will you be in? The one that gives up and returns to old way of a sinful life style? Or the second... allowing God to seriously purify you and prepare you though increased prayer, Eucharistic adoration, daily rosary, scripture, Church teaching and a serious process of detachment from all that is not from God. Fr. Jose Maria is someone who has chosen to bring God's Healing love to the world by living out wholeheartedly the truth of the Catholic faith on every level. He has become Christ's instrument on earth: bringing about the healing of the family, working with the poor and turning hearts to God. Channeling God's Grace..... That's our Focus.