Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ - DVD

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The precious blood of Jesus has been adored for centuries. Recently, Jesus called for a renewed devotion to His Precious Blood. The call came through a young man named Barnabas Nwoye, from Nigeria who has been blessed with visions and locution from Jesus, His Holy Mother and varioud other saints during the last eleven years.

     In 1995, at exatly 3:00 PM the hour of Devine Mercy, Jesus called for Barnabas and appealed to him both to console Him in His agony and being crucified again by the sins of man, and to adore His Precious Blood. In a vision two years later, the Lord gave him the Chaplet of Precious Blood and the related prayers. The messages, prayers, hyms and choruses, as well as the instructions given directly by Our Lord, His Mother Mary, the Angels and Saints, constitute the Precious Blood Devotion. The Devotion is a way of life and calls for: the conversion of sinners, relief to the souls in Purgatory, protection to the dying, protection of the Catholic Church against the occult kingdom and evil men, protection from evil spirits, curing the sick and solutions to our present problems. Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus, THAT'S OUR FOCUS!

Fr. Bill McCarthy

Mary Alice Rossini NP