Fields of Faith

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From the first sign of spring to the chill of fall, it is enjoyed by millions in empty lots, parks, playgrounds, and state of the art stadiums. It is played by little boys and girls, and by millionaire athletes. Baseball--the American game. Like the flag itself, it is woven into our nation’s fabric. And like the country who has embraced it for over two-hundred years, it has gone through its trouble and turmoil, but it has always remained true to its original ideals of fun, sportsmanship, and amazing skill. In this exclusive FOCUS special, Archbishop Philip Hannan interviews some of the best young players of our time: Sean Casey, Mike Sweeney, Ivan Rodriguez, and Craig Biggio; also, the most influential Major League Baseball commisioner of modern times: Bowie Kuhn. Their stories are of dedication, spirituality, and family. Stories of the Fields of Faith.