Meet Papa's Pipeline...Sr. Dulce

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“With a twinkle in her eye and a faith that is absolutely contagious...She calls him Papa. Sr. Dulce Maria a Mercedarian Sister of the Blessed Sacrament believes Papa has put her here with gifts to heal people as well as to teach them how to live in God's presence no matter what their circumstance in life. She not only works with those who have cancer and other terminal diseases along with the dying, she walks others through their fears, anxiety, and other heart wrenching emotional pain. Her long time personal assistant, Kim Johnson, reveals a rare glimpse into a typical busy day with Sister Dulce who sees approximately 500 patients a month. Kim stresses that Sister does not think of herself as a healer but just a normal person that is only an instrument through which God works. Sister Dulce insists that all credit is given to Papa. In this rare up close and personal interview with Sister Dulce, one can easily sense by looking into her eyes that she is in daily dialogue with Papa and remains on call to be his bridge to others throughout the world night and day. Meet Papa's Pipeline…Sister Dulce. That's Our Focus!”