Modern Signs and Wonders

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In Nigeria, during the year 2000, Fr. Anthony Odiong first felt the gift of healing come to him.  Then during a tour of a New Orleans church, Fr. Anthony Odiong spotted a life-sized image of Our Lady of Guadalupe tucked away in an obscure place within the church.  It immediately tugged at his heart and he spontaneously blurted out, "Can I have Her?"  Surprised by his enthusiastic request, the priest quickly presented the picture to him.  This was the definite sign of confirmation that Father had been seeking.  Feeling strongly that he had been sent to Luling for a reason, Fr. Anthony had been praying to the Virgin Mary to clarify that purpose.  He had felt her asking him why he was not using his gift of healing?  Now with her image protecting him, Fr. Odiong had the courage not to be afraid to use his gift.  He began healing Masses and people from all over began to flock to them.  now a recent decision to build a healing chapel on the grounds of St. Anthony of padua Church in Luling, LA is now in progress.  It is strikingly apparent that Fr. Odiong is seeking evangelization rather than attention.  Fr. Odiong wants everyone to believe in healing and it is happening now.