My Descent Into Death, A Second Chance at Life, Howard Storm

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The amazingly poignant story of Howard Storm's near death experience has riveted our Focus audience. Since first appearing on this program he has shared his descent into the threshold of death, with countless skeptics and believers, describing how his frightening journey to the dark side of eternity gave birth to a belief in a higher power of love. We have interviewed Howard Storm for an update on the many challenging yet inspiring, mystical, and personal life changing experiences he has undergone since his clinical death in 1985.

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    An interesting update to the video, His Descent into Hell

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2013

    We purchased the first video, His Descent into Hell, and were absolutely fascinated by Mr. Storm's experiences. This video is an update many years after his first video. His life situation has changed dramatically and they are chronicled here. If you are a fan of Mr. Storm, this is a nice update. If you want more information about his near-death experience, you can skip this video.

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    Best evangelizing tool out there

    Posted by JoAnne Dawson on 13th Sep 2012

    As a Catholic this is a powerful tool for evangelizing--Here an Athiest becomes an on fire Christian after a clinically dead experience-He doens't become a Catholic but a protestant minister who shares a very common belief of Catholics, that there "is" a state of purging which is described in the Catholic Bible only- The scripture for purgatory is found in one of the books of the Bible that were removed during the reformation. It's profound food for thought for the non-Catholic and as much for the Catholic who can't wrap their mind around purgatory or is struggling with a likewarm faith-- I've watched this 13 times-- I don't want to forget a crumb of this man's experience.'