Mysterious, Breathtaking Las Lajas

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The Gothic style church is considered one of the architectural wonders of the world, and according to the testimonials that line the walkway to the church, Las Lajas is rich in miraculous cures! But the most miraculous of all is a portrait of Our Lady and child, along with St Francis and St Dominic, which appears to be painted on the rock. Historians and Germans geologists bored core samples through various parts of the image. The rock is perfectly colored to a depth of several feet. The picture penetrates into the rock miraculously. Despite meticulous inspections, no brush strokes are visible. There is no paint, no dye, nor any other pigment on the surface of the rock. It is mysteriously and miraculously imprinted. The colors are the colors of the rock itself. Never has nature reproduced human faces with such perfection.