Papa's Personal Way of the Cross...Your Way of Life...As Prayed by Sr. Dulce

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Can you imagine abandoning the weight of your Cross that is filled with anger, pride, loneliness, pain, guilt, habits you can’t break, people you can’t please, failures you can’t forget, and a future you’re afraid to face? Now for the first time you can exchange it for Papa’s cross that is liberating, releasing, and filled with the refreshing grace. Papa’s Personal Way of the Cross as prayed by Sr. Dulce exchanges your despair for hope, your fear for truth, and your anxiety for peace. The way of the world is filled with crosses that can make us stumble, fumble, and fall. Sr. Dulce assures us that is not Papa’s way. He does not want us to live out our lives bound by chains of suffering, worry, or betrayal. As Papa’s bridge, Sr. Dulce constantly reminds us us of Papa’s promise “I am with you always.” Come along and join them on a journey of His Personal Way of the Cross, suddenly you will experience a life changing way of life. Together Sr. Dulce and Papa pull back the curtains to give us a glimpse of what is taking place in our own lives and shows us how much we need Papa’s personal way of the Cross. What a blessing it is to know that we can never go where Papa is not! 

Papa’s Personal Way of the Cross…Your Way of Life…As Prayed by Sr. Dulce