Proverbs Life Lessons

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God inspiried the wisest and richest king to compose sayings full of advice for you, to prosper in every part of your life. It is hard-hitting, current, and spiritual. There is an undeniable practicality in this book, for sound and sensible answers to all manner of complex difficulties are found within its thirty-one chapters. Certainly, Proverbs is the greatest "how-to" book ever written, and those who have the good sense to take Proverbs lessons to heart will quickly disccover that godliness, prosperity, and contentment are theirs for the asking. The recurring promise of the Book of Proverbs is that those who choose wisdom and follow God will be blessed in numerous ways: with long life (9:11); prosperity (2:20-22); joy (3:13-18); and the goodness of God (12:21). The Book of Proverbs... That's Our Focus!