Reaching People, Impacting Cities, Transforming the World

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Praying together for over a year, a vision birthed from God came to the forefront. In 2004, under the guidance of Bishop Sam Jacobs and the vision of Fr. Mark Toups and Paul George, Adore began as an outreach to lead people into a relationship with God. The first initiative of Adore Ministries was to bring the relevancy of the Godpel to those who were disenchanted, fallen away, un-evangelized, marginalized or desiring to know more. Through teaching, sacramental worship, and community nights, Adore began ministering to groups of people in homes across the city of Houma, teaching them what they were created for - relationship with God. 

In this interview Fr. Mark Toups calls all people to a worship of God with their entire lives. He believes that when God's name is glorified louder than any other name, He begins to transform the world, one heart, and one city at a time. As missionaries we answer this call daily, by responding to the needs of the particular city that we serve in. Whether it be through empowerment of leaders, development of small faith communites or large corporate worship gatherings, Fr. Mark Toups is stirring the New Evangelization in cities throughout the world.