Rise - Living the Risen Life

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The resurrection of Jesus was the momentous event in history. We believe we will rise in Christ on the last day. But there is more! Our Church teaches that we already participate in his resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus can revolutionize your life now. You can Rise now! 

· Rise from passivity to new passion
· Rise from overwhelming emotions to stability
· Rise from addictions to lasting sobriety
· Rise from emptiness to new life in Christ
· Rise from a dry prayer life to life in the Holy Spirit
· Rise from your own ashes
· Rise from traumatic memories and experience healing
· Rise from indifference to make a difference

This book will change and influence the way you live. St. Paul wanted to know Jesus and the power flowing from his resurrection. (Phil. 3:10) You can know this life-energizing power too. Our resurrection isn’t just for the hereafter. Rising in Christ is for the here and now. Experience resurrection today!