Roadmap to Inner Healing

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 Here at last is a wonderful roadmap on the proper approach to Inner Healing. Fr. Bill McCarthy and Mary Alice Rossini clearly present the fruits of many years of accumulated experience... Now, instead of groping in the dark or flying blind, you can quickly benefit from the guidelines so clearly discussed in this FOCUS DVD. Listen to the truths that everyone needs to equip themselves to stand firm in a chaotic, confusing culture of misguided values and beliefs. Fr. McCarthy's devotion to reach out with the heart of Jesus to those in deep need of healing has been a gift to the wounded and to those who walk with them.  Fr. Bill along with Mary Alice Rossini, RN MS NPP  guide us through the teachings of Jesus and illuminate the true Heart of God  as they reveal the 10 commandments of inner healing. You will be amazed at their simplicity, ease of application and basic inherent spirituality.