The Battle For Souls

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Often what seems good hides the evil within. Evil by using this tactic can enter into the lives of good people and societies and change them for the worse. When hidden in the appearance of good obvious wrongs  can gradually become accepted by society and no longer seen for the evil they are. Darkness turns upside down the perception of mankind so that what is evil can seem good and what is good can seem evil lookning back over the past, it becomes apparent ow morals have been corrupted by the acceptance ofwhat seems harmless and good on the surface but beneath is in fact tocix and soul destroying, lives of the innocent are destroyed and seen as worthless, and families and societies fall apart, Yet, the solution is there. Peace can reign in the world. All can be happy. Suffering can be overcome. The solution is in the eternal truth of God. The Battle for Souls... That's our Focus.