The Way of the Cross

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According to tradition, after Jesus died, Our Lady used to visit the places where Our Lord shed His blood; now referred to as the Way or Stations of the Cross. She meditated on His sufferings for us. Many other faithful followers did the same and so this became tradition. It has evolved through the ages and become a very powerful devotion to the passion and death of Our Lord.

As time went by and Christianity spread throughout the world, many were unable to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem to follow in His footsteps. But desiring so much to honor Our Lord with this devotion, they started creating the Stations of the Cross in wood, metal, paper or even stone. Now they are displayed in almost every Catholic church or shrine.

But isn’t the Way of the Cross really the way of everyone’s life? In this Focus presentation, Jim Seghers, who has extensive training in Sacred Scripture, theology, and history, discusses how to make practical applications in our lives today on this ancient spiritual journey. Upon hearing his thoughts and reflections on each station, you may be able to create a new discovery of His presence in your own life as you follow Our Lord along… “The Way of the Cross.”