Tune In For God

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Most of us are aware that we are living in challenging times. Recently the church has put a tremendous focus on evangelization. So what exactly is the role of the faithful when it comes to catholic media? After all the media has the power to form opinions, invade our conscience, distort our thinking and even affect our very lives, So we need a clear path through all the chattering clutter of words by reclaiming the purity of language to restore the clarity of truth. But how do we get peiple's attention to listen to the most important messages in life... God's Words... about who we really are and where are we supposed to be going. You are about to hear from two men who are striving to do their part by grabbing a hold of the radio airwaves in an attempt to bring an unflinching Catholic perspective to our world and into our personal lives. They are urging us to TUNE IN FOR GOD... THAT'S OUR FOCUS!