Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper

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In recent years, Christians everywhere are rediscovering the Jewish roots of their faith. Every year at Easter time, many believers now celebrate Passover meals known as seders, seeking to understand exactly what happened at Jesus’ final Passover, the night before he was crucified. Dr. Brant Pitre shines fresh light on the Last Supper by looking at it through Jewish eyes. Using his in-depth knowledge of the Bible and Jewish traditions, he answers questions like…
What was the Passover like at the time of Jesus?
What were the Jewish hopes for the Messiah?
What was Jesus’ purpose in instituting the Eucharist during the feast of Passover?
And, most important of all, what did Jesus mean when he said, “This is my body…This is my blood”?
Unlocking The Secrets of The Last Supper…That’s our Focus!!